PIBYC Dock Regulations and Reservation Policies

Dock Regulations of the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club

Adopted as revised by the Board of Trustees, May 14, 2005

Violation of the following rules is grounds for immediate eviction without refund.
Thank you for taking the time to read these rules;
Club Management and your fellow boaters appreciate your cooperation.


  1. AUTHORITY: The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Manager, as directed by the Board of Trustees, has the sole responsibility for management and assignment of docks, whether for members, their guests, members of other clubs, or public guests.
  2. INSURANCE: Boat Owners are responsible for fully insuring their boat and equipment against damage or theft, along with full coverage for any and all injuries to crew, passengers, or guests. In the event that Boat Owner, crew, passengers, or guests should make a claim for any injury or loss whatsoever while moored at the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club docks, Boat Owner agrees to present said claim to his/her insurance carrier for satisfaction or reimbursement and will hold the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club harmless from any such claim.
  3. LIABILITY: The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club assumes no responsibility for loss through fire, theft, collision, or other damage to the boat, its contents, or other boats and structures in the harbor. The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club assumes no responsibility for personal injury or death to the owner, his crew, family, guests anywhere on the premises or docks, whether due to negligence of Put-in-Bay Yacht Club or otherwise. The regulations and limitations also apply to vehicles of the boat owner, family, or guests.
  4. WASHROOMS: Washrooms are for personal use only. They are not to be used for dishes, laundry, or dumping of self-contained toilet units. It is the responsibility of all Club members and guests to help keep them clean. Please notify the custodian if washrooms are out of supplies, not clean, or if you observe violations.
  5. HARBOR CLEANLINESS: No waste cans, paper, debris, or stones are to be thrown in the water. Please caution guests, particularly children.
  6. GARBAGE: A waste receptacle will be provided in the pavilion. All waste must be well wrapped in paper or plastic for disposal. No loose garbage or waste permitted. The use of plastic bags will be appreciated.
  7. FISH CLEANING: Fish cleaning and the disposal of fish parts are prohibited.
  8. DOGS: All dogs will be kept on leashes and it will be the responsibility of the Boat Owner to ensure that all stool deposits are cleaned up immediately. Dogs should not be left unattended either aboard or tied. State law requires strict compliance with these pet regulations.
  9. NOISE: Noise shall be minimized after 11:00 p.m. weekdays and 12:00 a.m. weekends so as not to create a disturbance or nuisance. A repeated warning shall be considered default of contract. Loud parties or conduct will not be tolerated.
  10. LANGUAGE: Objectionable language is not tolerable anywhere at any time. The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is a family club, and members are responsible for the actions of their family and guests.
  11. ALCOHOL: No open containers of alcohol are permitted beyond the pavilion at the base of the dock (i.e., do not enter or cross the street with your drink). Likewise, alcoholic beverages served in the clubhouse shall not be carried across the street to the pavilion or dock (state liquor law).
  12. GUESTS AND VISITORS: Guests and visitors are welcome. It is the responsibility of the Boat Owner to inform them of our regulations. All Boat Owners are responsible for their own and their guest’s conduct. No tenant or guest will be permitted to cause a disturbance or annoy others. Common sense and good judgment are the rules to follow.
  13. GUEST DOCKAGE: If Boat Owner desires to dock a boat other than the craft referenced in this agreement, the Club Manager must approve the change and the dockage placard must be clearly displayed in the front window.
  14. RAFTING: Dockage fees cover mooring of ONE boat only. On the west side of dock, no rafting reservations will be accepted. On the east side, rafting two-out is required on weekends and holidays, and both boats must pay dockage fees.
  15. WATER: Dockside water connections should be disconnected from the faucet when the boat is not occupied overnight to ensure against leaks and possible damage to the boat.
  16. ELECTRICAL DEVICES: Use of electrical cords and electrical devices other than UL approved are strictly prohibited. Any electrical cords being used that are not “factory installed” will be subject to disconnection.
  17. ELECTRICAL HOOKUP: A maximum of two 30 amp or one 50 amp power outlets are provided per boat (not first come first serve). Cables shall not cross the dock to reach an outlet on the other side.
  18. DOCK LINES: Shall be at least 3/8" nylon (or equivalent), or greater as appropriate for the size of vessel. Remember to properly secure your boat at the dock as good lines and proper knots are the best insurance you have. Management reserves the right to replace bad or insufficient mooring lines and invoice the Boat Owner.
  19. FIRES: No fires, including charcoal broilers, are permitted on boats or on the dock. Attended charcoal grills are permitted on the concrete pad adjacent to the pavilion. No ground fires or pits are permitted in any area.
  20. EXPLOSIVES: No fireworks or firearms are allowed on the grounds or dock at any time. Violators will be subject to prosecution.
  21. FUELING: For everyone’s safely, no fueling will be permitted at dockside. Failure to observe this safety precaution will result in immediate eviction.
  22. SWIMMING: Positively no swimming will be allowed in the harbor area. The use of life jackets is urged for infants, small children, and non-swimmers while near the water or upon a boat.
  23. BOAT LENGTH: Nominal length of the boat shall not exceed nominal length of the dock. No boat shall be moored so that any protrusion of boat will extend into or over main dock area.
  24. DOCK BOXES: Dock boxes will not be allowed. For storage options, please see the Club Manager.
  25. DAMAGE: Any dock posts, cleats, power boxes, or other fixtures destroyed by negligence or improper operation by Boat Owner shall be replaced at Boat Owner’s expense. Dock equipment shall not be painted or altered in any way.
  26. BOARDING STEPS: May not be left on the dock when boat is not moored.
  27. COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES: The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is limited to pleasure boats only. No boat shall be allowed which is in any way or at any time used for commercial purposes; or which charges or accepts a fee or any other form of compensation either directly or indirectly.
  28. DOCK USES: Boat Owner shall use the docks and attached facilities for reasonable and typical boating activities. Boat Owner shall keep the dock area clear of all gear, tackle, and other obstructions. Boat Owner agrees not to dispose of waste or trash (including treated or untreated sewage from heads or holding tanks) in the harbor or docking area.
  29. TERMINATION: The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Manager, as directed by the Board of Trustees, may terminate any dock assignment without notice and will determine the amount of refund, if any.
  30. RELOCATION: The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club reserves the right to move any boat at any time at the owner’s expense, if the rights and privileges of other members and guests are being disrupted.
  31. EMERGENCY PERMISSION: In an emergency situation, the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club shall be permitted to move Boat Owner’s unattended boat to a safe location if possible; provided, however, that Put-in-Bay Yacht Club shall not be required to provide this service. Boat Owner shall indemnify and hold the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club safe and harmless from any and all liability, injury, loss, or damage caused by or resulting to Boat Owner’s boat due to an emergency situation.
  32. VEHICLE PARKING: Please park vehicles in the designated lot next to the clubhouse. Parking or storage of automobiles, golf carts, bicycles, etc. on the dock or near the pavilion is prohibited.
  33. CHECK-OUT: A reservation is required to remain beyond the 12-noon check-out time. 


Dock Reservation Policies of the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club

Adopted as revised by the Board of Trustees, July 30, 2016


  1.  The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club offers transient dockage by reservation only (419-285-4505 or manager@pibyc.org) on the 124-foot pier located in front of the Club on South Bass Island, Put-in-Bay, Ohio.
  2. The season shall be May 15th to October 15th.
  3. Reservations are open to the public and are allocated on a first come first serve basis, beginning at the PIBYC annual winter meeting in January.
  4. Minimum two (2) day reservation on weekends. Maximum stay of seven (7) consecutive days.
  5. Maximum of three (3) standing weekend reservations per person/vessel per season.
  6. Owner name, overall length of boat including bow pulpit and swim platform, beam of boat, valid credit card number, telephone number, and/or e-mail address are required to make a reservation.
  7. No-shows and cancellations after 12:00 noon on the day prior to the reservation will be charged a cancellation fee. Cancellation fee equals 1 (one) day of dockage for that boat and the remaining reservation will be cancelled.
  8. Placement on a waiting list is not a guarantee of dockage. Determination is made no earlier than 12:00 noon on the day prior to the reservation.


  1. Dockage fees cover the mooring of one boat only.
  2. No rafting reservations will be accepted on the west side of dock (see chart).
  3. Rafting two-out on the east side of dock is required on weekends and holidays.

Black-Out Dates

  1. East side of dock will not be rented while junior sailing classes are in session. Typically: Noon Sunday through Noon Friday, mid-June through mid-July.
  2. East side of dock will not be rented during Junior Bayweek one-design sail racing. Typically: Noon Sunday through Noon Friday, fourth week of July.
  3. East side of dock will not be rented during Senior Bayweek one-design sail racing. Dates dependent upon I-LYA schedule and/or contract.


  1. $1.75 per foot overnight weekdays, weekends, and holidays, including rafted vessels. Overnight Sunday (excluding holiday weekends) is half price with purchase of Friday and Saturday overnight (overnight Monday is half price holiday weekends).
  2. $20.00 plus $1 per foot over 30 feet day rate, four (4) hours maximum (Sunday through Thursday only), no power or water hookup.
  3. $1.75 per foot cancellation fee (no-shows and cancellations after 12:00 noon on the day prior to the reservation). Exceptions may be made in case of bad weather, at the discretion of the Club Manager.
  4. All boats moored longer than one hour must pay overnight or day rate dockage fees. Exceptions must be approved by action of the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Board of Trustees (e.g., free dockage for volunteers on spring clean-up day).
  5. Dock fees may not be waived in exchange for bartered goods or services performed.
  6. “Reciprocal” privileges with affiliated yacht clubs do not include free dockage.


  1. The PIBYC Club Manager, as directed by the Board of Trustees, has the sole responsibility for management and assignment of docks, whether for PIBYC members, their guests, members of other clubs, or our public guests.
  2. All boats, including dinghies, are required to check-in with the Club Manager or designee immediately upon arrival. Check-out time is 12 noon.
  3. Reservations may not be transferred to another vessel without approval of the Club Manager or designee.
  4. Dock reservation policy and fees charged shall not discriminate against any user group on the basis of residence or membership system.

Launch Ramp

  1. Use of the launch ramp, hoist, and short-term trailer parking is free for members of PIBYC and members of I-LYA, AYC, and WLECA affiliated clubs (if a membership card is presented). Non-members must pay a $5 ramp fee, which includes one-day parking behind the clubhouse.
  2. The shorter dock adjacent to the launch ramp is designated for launch ramp use only. Dinghies (PIBYC members only) less than 10-feet in length may be temporarily moored (8 hours maximum) at the base of this dock opposite from the ramp, as space is available. No other vessels shall be left unattended at this dock.

Winter and Summer Storage

  1. Boat-on-trailer and golf cart storage on Club property is available to PIBYC members for the summer season only (winter storage has been discontinued). See Club Manager or www.pibyc.org for details and rates.
  2. A completed Storage Agreement form (available at www.pibyc.org) must be mailed to the Club Manager along with full payment.