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The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Yearbook reflects the past year with wonderful memories of the events and people who made the year special. It also presents our current year's officers, trustees, staff and committees as well as a membership directory so you can connect with friends and "future friends."


Our yearbook is free to members. YOU can help the club offset the cost of production by purchasing an ad for your business or buying a personal ad, sponsoring a page of events photos, submitting a photo taken at a club event, or by becoming a patron of the yearbook when you pay your dues. 


The yearbook is a pictorial history and we need your help with photos of our members and activities. If you have an amusing, poignant, or interesting photo which was taken at a club event, please share it with us! (Please indicate the event or date the photo was taken). To be included in the book, photos should be recieved by March 1, 2020. You can email unaltered digital photos to the editor at "pibycyearbook(at)pibyc.org."


The yearbook is self-supporting and advertising is the lifeblood of the yearbook. The best and most important source is YOU, the members. Buy an ad for your business, or ask your employer to advertise a product or service. A 3 -3/4" x 2-1/2" ad is only $50! Or sponsor a full or half-page of events photos. These sponsored pages are designed to highlight a business and offset the cost of printing a page of photos. (See contract for a sample.)


If you don’t have a business, perhaps you would consider buying a personal ad celebrating a momentous occasion or simply an amusing photograph or message you would like to share. How about greetings from your boat or cottage? Any of these would make a great addition to the yearbook! Need an idea? Check out past yearbooks and enjoy the memories that were captured during those years.


A downloadable version of the past year's book is in the sidebar of this page.


You can download a copy of the 2021 PIBYC Yearbook contract here:
Adobe Acrobat document [640.7 KB]